Machine Work

Deck Block$30.00
Notch Cylinder$40.00
Deck Lifter Bores$30.00
Bore for Needle Or Ball Bearings$40.00
Port Polish Governor Motors
Does not include valve job
Bore Exhaust Ports$30.00
Intake Supports$25.00
Custom Billet Heads
Includes Head
Bore and Finish Hone$145.00
Balance Cast Crank$125.00
Balance Steel Crank$295.00

Twin Block Work

Deck Block$40.00
Clear for Roller Lifters$65.00
Bore for Main Bearing Seal$40.00
Bore for Needle Ball for Roller Cam
Lakota Cam Only
Clear Cam In Block$30.00
Clear Crank, Rods for Balancing$55.00
Drill and Tap for Breathers$25.00
Bore Sleeve Blocks
Includes Sleeves
Bore Hone Twin$215.00

Twin Blocks & Heads

Deck Heads Pair$35.00
O-Ring Heads$30.00
Port, Polish and Chamber Work
Does not include valve job or install guides
Valve Job, Install Guides$205.00
Kohler Closed 30 HP HeadsCall For Price
Machine Pedestals Off for Shift Mounted Rocker$25.00
Computer Balance Crank (stock)Call For Price
Balance Steel Cranks$295.00
Made in usa

Lakota Racing's Parts are Proudly Manufactured in Carrollton, Ohio USA.

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