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Performance Garden Tractor Pulling Parts

Lakota Racing Garden Tractor Pulling Parts

Hilliard Winter Championship Tractor Pull

January 14th & 15th 2022 in Springfield, OH

2 New Classes!

New Class 1

Hot Stock Twin: 5,000 RPM Limit

  1. Must use Kohler Command Engine Twin Only
  2. Stroke Limit: 2,750 max
  3. Bore Size: 3,307 max
  4. Maximum Cubic Inch Limit: 47.25
  5. Kohler Command Downdraft Carb Only 1" Venturi Limit
  6. Plastic, Horizontal Alum and Vertical Shaft Manifolds Allowed. No Fuel Injection Manifolds.
  7. ⅝" Spacer Maximum
  8. Gas Only C-12 - C-15 V. Pony
  9. Crank Trigger Permitted
  10. Internal Governors Only
  11. Steel Flywheels Only. Must Have Proper Shielding.
  12. Any Camshafts Permitted Roller, Flat Tappet. No Reverse Grinds Allowed. Roller Rockers Allowed.
  13. 26x12x12 Max Tire Size Pro Tires Allowed
  14. All Tractors Must Pass Hilliard Safety Rules
  15. RPM's Will Be Checked
  16. 1050 Weight
    13" Hitch
  17. Fire suits, Helmets Must Be Worn
New Class 2

Pro-Stock Classic

  1. Flatheads Only. No OVH. All Blocks Must Have Fins.
  2. No Jones, J-2 Juilian or Woolham Blocks Permitted.
  3. 1,200 Venturi Carb Max. No Air Entering After Venturi. Alcohol Only.
  4. 2 Valves Only 1 INT. 1 EXHAUST. Same Side of Engine. No Reverse Ports
  5. Head Straps, Side Shields Mandatory
  6. All Pro-Stock and Hilliard Safety Rules Apply. Fire suits, Helmets Must Be Worn.
  7. 1050 Weight
    13" Hitch
  8. Light Pros May Enter This Class at 1100# and 13" Hitch
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  • High Performance Engines
  • Cam Grinding
  • Twin Cams
  • Twin Blocks & Heads
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