Congratulations Keystone Pullers:
Andrea Scott - Stock Head Open Twin - 1st round 1 & 3rd round 2
Mike Pumneo - Stock Head Open Twin - 1st round 2
Mike Pumneo - 5K Twin - 1st round 1 & 2
Daniel Duplain - 5K Twin - 2nd & 3rd
Daniel Duplain - Stock Head Open Twin - 4th & 7th at 6000 RPM
Shaun Beckett - 5K Twin - 1st - round 3
Great job Nathan Nichols Qualified Pro Outlaw, Super Stock, Pro Stock
Brody Gonda - 5000 K Single - 3rd

See Keystone videos of Andrea, Mike, Daniel, Brody at
Northeast Ohio Quarter Scale Face Book Page

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*Spoked Wheelie Bar Wheels $75.00
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Lakota Racing

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"Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all the time thing.
You don't win once in a while; you don't do things right once 
in a while; you do them right all the time. 
Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing."
Vince Lombardi
We are a dealer
Lakota Racing manufactures an impressive
selection of drive-train parts
* Fully Computerized Dyno
* Super Flow 110 Flow Bench
* Kohler High Performance Parts
* Kohler Parts Dealer
* Block Prep Work * Custom Porting
* Valve Work
* Pre Pay * COD
We Accept Visa, Master Card and Discover
Lakota Racing
Innovators Not Imitators
109 12th St NW
Carrollton, OH  44615

Phone: 330-627-7255

To Order Please Call From 8am to 7pm
We ship UPS daily.

To e-mail us, simply click here Lakota Racing
We do not take orders via email.
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All Returns require a return authorization
20% Restocking fee on all returns
Only new uninstalled engine parts may be returned
We Are A Kohler Dealer
Kohler Gaskets * Seals * Rods * Pistons
Ring Sets * Oil Pans * Cam Covers * Dipsticks
Valve Cover Assemblies * Fuel Pumps * Coils
Heads * Command Parts
Local Pulling Club's in our area
Buckeye Pullers - Washingtonville, OH
Rick Mellott - 330-692-2078
Harrison Co. Lil Hustlers - Cadiz, OH
Dave Beckett - 740-658-3492
NE Ohio Quarter Scale Pullers - Milebranch
Mike Pumneo - 330-875-9618
Bob Clapsaddle - 330-268-7728
Winona Pullers - Winona, OH
Scott John - 330-853-9089
Nate Strabala - 330-303-5004
Randolph Fair Pull
Weigh In 8am - Pull 9am
Open Twins
Pro Stock
5K Twins
16 HP Gov.
14 HP Gov.
10 HP Gov.
Portage Co. only Stock Class
Dave Tomlinson - 330-351-0470


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